HKU Wong Chuk Hang Site Student Residence
Project Address
Hong Kong
Number of modules
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Dormitory places

The HKU Wong Chuk Hang Site Student Hostel is one of the MiC pilot projects selected by the Development Bureau. It consists of two 17-storey student hostel blocks providing 1,224 hostel places. Each single room is approximately 6.5 square meters. 

The project foresees the assembly of 6 types of modules with a total of 884 modules. The podium transfer slabs and core walls will be constructed in cast-in-place reinforced concrete. The floors and multi-unit bedrooms above the transfer slab will be MiC and integrated with the core walls. Precast polished floors, mold-resistant latex painted walls and ceilings in each room will be factory finished. All fixed furniture modules will be installed at the factory.

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