Set up the "cordon" for fire protection to practice and promote prevention and joint construction of safety YAHGEE
Release time:2024-07-10
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In order to further improve production safety emergency response capabilities, familiarize yourself with emergency response procedures, minimize losses caused by accidents and disasters, and ensure the safety of employee lives and property, Changshu Yahgee Modular Construction Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as YAHGEE) recently launched a fire emergency evacuation drill.
An imaginary fire spot was set up at the drill site. After the simulated fire broke out, employees evacuated quickly and orderly according to the predetermined plan. Subsequently, personnel from the company's safety department conducted professional explanations and demonstrations on the use of fire hydrants, fire extinguishers and other fire-fighting equipment and matters needing attention. All personnel learned the correct use of fire-fighting equipment and conducted practical operation drills in batches.
Through this exercise, the scientific nature, effectiveness and practicality of the emergency plan were comprehensively tested, the safety awareness of enterprise employees was strengthened, and the enterprise's emergency command capabilities, rapid response capabilities, and on-site disposal and collaboration capabilities in responding to fires were improved, providing a solid foundation for enterprise fire safety.

As a manufacturing company, YAHGEE always puts production safety first and actively creates a safe and stable working environment. All employees need to raise their awareness of production safety and regard production safety as their top priority; all departments must perform their duties and fulfill their responsibilities, strengthen measures, strictly manage, adhere to the safety "red line", build a solid safety "bottom line", and do a solid job in all aspects of production safety.

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