Condense the "rope" to gather strength! China Nanshan Group Changshu YAHGEE "Vanguard Cup" employee Conduct Convention 7th tug-of-war competition
Release time:2024-04-28
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In order to promote and implement the employee Conduct Convention of China Nanshan Group, enrich employees' amateur cultural life and cultivate the spirit of unity and cooperation, the 7th tug-of-war competition of the employee Conduct Convention of Changshu YAHGEE Vanguard Cup of China Nanshan Group kicked off on April 26th. 

With a whistle from the referee, the tug-of-war officially began. The players on the field had firm eyes and tried their best to pull the hemp rope behind them violently. Some teams are so disparate in strength that they are pulled to the other side by the opposite team at the beginning; some teams are equal in strength, with the red rope as a symbol of victory shaking from side to side, stalemate, and the hearts of the audience sway back and forth. For a while, cheering and refueling occurred one after another on the field. The team members try their best to never give up until they achieve their goal, and use their own efforts and sweat to interpret the spirit of "first-class, first-class, and unique" incisively and vividly. 

One rope, one heart, only through unity and cooperation can we overcome difficulties, and only with high morale can our dreams come true. Everyone interpreted the spirit of unity and struggle with persistence and sweat. After a fierce competition, the Tiger team won the championship and the painting team won the runner-up. 

A single silk does not make a thread, a single tree does not make a forest. 

The small race rope shows the team strength of cohesion and unity, the spirit of tenacious struggle and perseverance, and the enterprising and enterprising attitude. All employees should take this collective activity as an opportunity, continue to give full play to the spirit of teamwork, work hard and forge ahead, and contribute to the high-quality development of the group.

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