Prevent from not "burning" . Yahgee conducts emergency drills for fire evacuation
Release time:2023-11-30
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On November 30th, Changshu yahgee Modular Construction Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as yahgee) carried out an emergency drill for fire evacuation. 

The purpose of this move is to fully implement the fire control policy of "prevention first, life first", strictly implement the responsibility of fire safety, and improve the fire safety awareness and self-prevention and self-rescue ability of all personnel.

With a whistle sounded, the drill officially began. 

Under the guidance of the security officer, evacuate quickly and orderly in accordance with the prescribed route. 

After evacuating to the designated location, count the number of people quickly and report the situation to the commander-in-chief. 

In a short period of time, all the participants were safely evacuated to the designated safe area. 

The whole exercise process was compact, orderly and orderly, and achieved the desired results. 

In order to ensure the orderly development of the fire drill, the company made detailed arrangements before the exercise, emphasized the matters needing attention in the activity, and through the actual fire fighting exercise and smoke simulation, the participants personally experienced the tense atmosphere at the fire scene and mastered the correct evacuation and escape methods and the use of fire extinguishers. 

Let employees understand and master fire safety knowledge and escape skills. 

Subsequently, the commander-in-chief summarized the fire drill, once again emphasized the matters needing attention in the evacuation process and the correct application of fire-fighting equipment, and stressed that if an emergency occurred around him, he should deal with it calmly and save himself in the correct way. 

I hope you can fully realize the importance of the exercise and ensure that you can respond quickly and effectively in the event of a real fire. 

Through this exercise, it has not only enhanced the fire safety awareness of all personnel, but also improved the level of fire safety management. 

In the future, Yashi will continue to improve its emergency response capacity, take fire drill activities as an opportunity, continue to increase fire publicity, promote the transformation of fire management to pre-prevention, and constantly build a solid bottom line of fire safety.

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